Lovely Liners

Today’s post is just a quicky because I wanted to share some really lovely liners. I picked up the Revlon Colour stay Eye Liner in the shade ‘Topaz’ about a month ago just on a whim because it looked too beautiful to leave in the store, I tried it once and basically I was hooked. … Continue reading Lovely Liners

Two Sourced

It’s jewellery obsession time. For the last few years I have been a huge statement necklace girl, almost everyday, fully dressed up or running to the shops I will chuck on a nice necklace and I feel ready to go! A few months back a friend decided to launch her own little business (with another … Continue reading Two Sourced

Rosy Glow

When I was younger I couldn’t get past the idea that Rose was a colour (and scent) for old ladies, and not in a good way, but as I have grown up I have come to love Rose more and more (so maybe it is something you love with age). I now find the scent … Continue reading Rosy Glow